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Looking for easy-to-implement tricks for building a brand that speaks directly to your ideal client or customer and writing copy that sells?

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Your brand strategy is vital to your business’ success. Without it, you won’t have much to help you stand out in your market. Your brand is your business’ customer-facing identity. It’s how consumers view your business, products and services. A brand isn’t created overnight. It takes creativity, brainstorming and time to build an effective brand […]


5 Simple Steps to Create an Effective Brand Strategy

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As your potential clients make their way along the sales journey, they come in contact with your brand through different channels and mediums. The question we want to ask you today is, are you nailing your brand messaging at EVERY touchpoint? If your answer is “Nope” or “How exactly do I do that?” –– keep […]

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How to NAIL Your Brand Messaging at EVERY Touchpoint

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As of July 8th, 2021 — Carter House Copy was officially one year old. After six years in corporate marketing and communications and three more years doing the same for a nonprofit — I officially launched Carter House Copy (formerly Diana P. Carter Co.) as a legitimate business in July 2020.  Of course, I’d been […]

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What I Learned in ONE YEAR of Owning Diana P. Carter Co.


When you first start out your brand or business — it’s so easy to get swept up in the hubbub of the launch and overlook some of the strategic basics of your offer. (Like putting in the hard work of identifying and really knowing your ideal client.) Can anyone relate? via GIPHY That’s why when […]

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Why REALLY Knowing Your Ideal Client Matters

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One of the most frequently asked questions I get when it comes to email marketing is, How do get people on my list? The answer? A lead magnet. And if you’re looking for lead magnet ideas — we’ve got you covered. (A lead magnet is just a fancy term for some sort of value-packed resource […]

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4 Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List

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When I started Diana P. Carter Co. in July 2008 — I knew two things: I needed to start an email list ASAP and I wasn’t going to be using Mailchimp. In all my experience as a marketer — I’d used several different email marketing services: Mailchimp, Flodesk, Bombbomb, Silverpop (now Acoustic), etc. They all […]

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Why I Switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk

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Email marketing — gah! Does the phrase itself just make you cringe? If I’m honest — for so long the thought of regularly emailing my email list was more intimidating then the idea of asking for a raise. I desperately needed some email marketing tips. SERIOUSLY. For whatever reason, in all my years of working […]

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5 CRUCIAL Email Marketing Tips to Use Today


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