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Why LinkedIn Thought Leadership Matters for Startup Founders

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Navigating the Path to Thought Leadership on LinkedIn

Establishing yourself as a “thought leader” on LinkedIn is an admirable goal that, if done correctly, could land you with countless more followers, visitors to your website, clients, speaking engagements, email subscribers, and more. But how easy is it to actually become a thought leader? Well here’s the secret: it’s simple, but it’s not easy. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some simple steps that anyone can take to start on their own road towards thought leadership. That means embarking on a purposeful, strategic, and consistent path to establish a robust LinkedIn presence. In fact, we’ll follow the trajectory of a founder and Carter House Copy client as a prime example of the process done properly – without relying on any quick fixes or #growthhacks. Spoiler alert: simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. 

Building Strategic Consistency

Curating Existing Content

The good news is that you likely already have the fodder for your LinkedIn posts. The initial phase of the process involves a meticulous curation of content as a result of diving into your extensive archives. This treasure trove might include podcast interviews, media appearances, articles, books, and snippets from Instagram posts. The goal is not just to amass content but to hone in on your unique perspective, extracting the essence that would resonate most with the target audience.

By sifting through this diverse content landscape of our client, the team at Carter House Copy laid the groundwork for creating a narrative that was not only authentic, but also a true reflection of the founder’s distinctive voice.

Weekly Creation of Original Content

Consistency is the cornerstone of the strategy, with a commitment to crafting and sharing original LinkedIn content every week. This isn’t about adhering to a rigid schedule for its own sake; rather, it is a deliberate effort to maintain a regular and reliable presence on the platform.

For the founder we work with, each piece of content was approached with a focus on quality over quantity, ensuring that every post carried the authenticity and resonance necessary to capture the audience’s attention. This commitment to a weekly cadence allowed for a steady, sustained connection with the audience, fostering engagement and building a genuine rapport.

Informed Decision Making Through Analytics

Our approach involves a pivotal aspect of the strategy: the weekly analysis of content performance metrics. Beyond the standard view and engagement counts, be sure to delve into the nuances of what resonates with your audience. By paying careful attention to both format and tone, you will likely  glean valuable insights into the preferences and expectations of your audience.

At CHC, this data-driven approach wasn’t just about tracking success for the founder, but about using the analytics as a compass to guide ongoing content creation. The iterative nature of this process allowed for continuous refinement, ensuring that the content strategy evolved in tandem with the audience’s evolving preferences.

The Results: A Ripple Effect Beyond Visibility

In our example case, while the initial focus was not on broadcasting a specific increase in impressions, the true impact of the strategic consistency unfolded across various dimensions of the startup founder’s professional journey.

Growing Opportunities for Speaking Engagements and Meetings

With an enhanced LinkedIn presence, the founder naturally attracted more speaking queries and meeting requests. This uptick in professional opportunities showcased the platform’s ability to not only amplify visibility but also to serve as a catalyst for meaningful networking and engagements.

Surge in Web Traffic

Strategic consistency wasn’t confined to the LinkedIn platform alone; it manifested in a tangible increase in web traffic. LinkedIn became a primary conduit for directing a targeted audience to the founder’s online platforms, expanding the overall online footprint and creating a robust digital ecosystem.

Expansion of Email Subscribers

The positive momentum transcended the confines of the LinkedIn platform, reflecting in the growth of the startup founder’s email subscribers. The engaged community on LinkedIn translated into an expanding audience eager for more insights and perspectives, further solidifying the founder’s influence beyond the platform.

Embracing the Power of Strategic Consistency

On LinkedIn, success isn’t about chasing after shortcuts or relying on flashy tactics. The key is strategic consistency, as exemplified by this startup founder’s intentional journey. If you’re contemplating the path of a consistent presence on a platform crucial to your audience and brand, draw inspiration from this story.

Results may not materialize overnight, but the enduring benefits—whether in terms of visibility, professional opportunities, web traffic, or community growth—make the journey truly worthwhile. Embrace the power of strategic consistency, committing to a deliberate and authentic approach, and witness your influence steadily rise.

If you’d like to discuss how Carter House Copy can help you in your journey to becoming a thought leader on LinkedIn, connect with our team today.

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November 13, 2023

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