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How to NAIL Your Brand Messaging at EVERY Touchpoint

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As your potential clients make their way along the sales journey, they come in contact with your brand through different channels and mediums. The question we want to ask you today is, are you nailing your brand messaging at EVERY touchpoint? If your answer is “Nope” or “How exactly do I do that?” –– keep on reading! We’re going to cover how to nail your brand messaging at every touchpoint.

To begin, let’s give a high-level overview of brand touchpoints.

Brand touchpoints: the interactions and exposures that people have with a brand. 

Brand touchpoints need to be strategically created, as they are both deliberate and organic interactions between your brand and your ideal client. Whether it’s the first or fifth impression your brand is having on a person, it’s still an impression. So, you need to ensure all brand messaging is spot on for every single touchpoint. 

Here are three content creation tips to help you nail your brand messaging at every touchpoint.

1. Know Your Brand’s Audience.

Identifying and knowing your target audience is something that you’ve already checked off your list. BUT –– have you taken that information and segmented your audience to clearly and effectively communicate with different groups using different tactics? While you may have one core audience, there are sub-groups within it that need to be communicated with differently. 

One example is Instagram vs. blog content. Depending on your audience, you may decide it’s best to target one segmented group via Instagram and the other using blog content. So, all you have to do is take your messaging and duplicate it from one piece to another, right? WRONG! While your core message is the same (and should be!) your content should be adjusted accordingly — even if just tweaked. Think about the headlines and calls to action that will grab the attention of your audience. Chances are, what works for one audience will not have the same effect on the other audience. 

2. Be solid in your Mission, Vision and Values.

Through every single touchpoint, your brand’s Mission, Vision and Values should be clearly communicated. We’re talking crystal clear, okay? Your Mission, Vision and Values are the core foundations of your brand that inform EVERY SINGLE piece of your messaging. How is this foundation being communicated at every touchpoint of your brand? If this is something you find yourself struggling with, check out our package, The Works. We designed this package to help our clients nail their brand foundations right out of the gate, ensuring all copy, messaging and touchpoints are on the right track. 

3. Nail your core offer. 

Your core offer for each touchpoint should be front and center. What’s a core offer? Think of it this way… Your core offer is the bread and butter of your business –– your flagship product or service. An audience should never have to think too hard about what exactly your service is. Nailing your core offer plays into steps 1 and 2 above, because, in order to effectively communicate your core offer, you must relay the foundation of your brand. And, depending on the audience segments identified in step 1, your core offering will be different depending on the touchpoint! 

For instance, Carter House Copy’s core offering on two social media platforms is different! On our Instagram, we push our upcoming VIP Day packages for 2022. While on LinkedIn, we almost exclusively position ourselves for contract work on a retainer basis. Instagram and LinkedIn have completely different audiences with different needs –– but they’re all our target audience! When crafting the core offering language, ensure your copy is straightforward and means business.

“Here is how I will add value to your brand via SERVICE OFFERING.”

Short, sweet, to the point. Exactly what your call to action should be. 

Another tip we recommend when talking up your core offer? Highlight benefits over features. Don’t take up your limited character count taking a deep dive into all the features you offer. Instead, focus on the benefit to the client and what transformation your services will bring them. Benefit language is sure to grab their attention and lead them through your call to action.

Once you have an established brand, it’s critical to make sure your communications tactics are relevant, and more importantly, effective! Whether you’re re-evaluating your content on each touchpoint or starting from scratch, following these three steps will help you write content that will close clients. If you’re feeling stuck, or need additional support with your brand messaging, connect with us and let’s work together!

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October 4, 2021

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