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4 Questions Your Homepage NEEDS to Answer

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At Carter House Copy, we LOVE The Bachelor franchise. We’re unashamed of our fandom and try and find a way to work it into every conversation — and that’s what we’re about to do 😉

If The Bachelor has taught us anything, it’s that FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER and you know what? Your homepage is your first impression for your website — and you need it to be ready to win over whoever visits! 

People are going to form an opinion on your website in .05 seconds. 

That’s really quick. 

You have less than a second to win your audience over. That’s why you need to prioritize what people see when they FIRST land on your homepage. So, we always say, there are four questions your homepage NEEDS to answer, these should be clear right off the bat: 

  1. What you do 
  2. Who you do it for
  3. Why they should care
  4. What’s their next step

People want to know these things — and they don’t want to have to go searching for them. You know how it feels to go on a website and just be so overwhelmed with content, words, graphics, flashing sale notifications, and a million pop-ups so you just click out and find someone else, right?

Our goal? We want people to find you and WANT to work with you in those .05 seconds, so let’s dive into some more specifics, sound good?

Your homepage needs to answer, “What do you do?”

As we already said, no one likes to be confused. When people visit your website, what you do (and the value you bring!) should be clear and up front. 

Let’s take it a step further though, okay? You want people to know the BENEFIT of working with you. Not just what you actually do. How is working with you going to make their lives better? 

For example:

If you’re a professional organizer, instead of saying, “Hey! Work with me and I’ll clean out two drawers, one closet, and a cabinet.” Try saying, “Hey! Work with me, I’ll help you declutter your space so you can focus on decluttering your mind.” 

On your homepage you’re making a first impression so it’s not just about the task list of what you do — it’s about sharing the transformation someone is guaranteed to experience when working with you.

Your homepage needs to answer, “Who do you do it for?”

This is where knowing your ideal client is SO 👏🏼 IMPORTANT 👏🏼.  You have to have that audience identified so that you can speak directly to them and tailor your message to hit them right where they are. 

If you create t-shirts for sororities, your website is going to be VASTLY different than the man who does freelance landscaping. Molly from Sorority T-Shirt Company is not trying to reach Dave’s Landscaping clients. 

Let people know who your people are — and more than that, when they are your people? Make sure they know it, too.

Your homepage needs to answer, “Why should I care?”

Great! You make t-shirts.

So do a million other companies. Now, tell me what makes YOUR t-shirt company stand out from the rest? 

This is a great place to state your Value Proposition. Your Value Proposition (or VP)  is essentially #1, #2, and #3 wrapped into a pretty little package.

Your VP clearly and concisely states who you are/your brand is, what you/your brand do, who you/your brand do that thing for, and what promise or transformation someone is guaranteed when working with you.

What VALUE are you adding to their life that they won’t get from anyone else?

Tell people why you do this, why this fires you up, and what working with you is going to bring them. 

Your homepage needs to answer, “Okay, so what do I do next?”

This is as simple as a “Let’s Get Started” or a “Work With Me” button. 

Don’t make people search through your site for that contact form. Make it front and center so no one is confused. If the next step to working with you or purchasing from you is clearly stated, it takes the guesswork out of it. 

A good first impression is crucial to making those lasting and meaningful relationships with your clients. 

If you’re still looking to bring that extra kick to your homepage, book a free Discovery Call with Carter House Copy today.

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May 31, 2021

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