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How to Turn Instagram Engagement into Revenue

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These days, everyone and their mama is telling you alllllllll the ways to increase your Instagram engagement — but no one is telling you how to convert that engagement into revenue.


One thing we’re quick to tell our clients who are chasing hard after Instagram engagement is this:

You can’t take Instagram engagement to the bank.

You can’t pay your mortgage with likes and you can’t buy groceries with saves, comments or shares.

(But don’t you wish you could? 🤪)

All of those metrics mean absolutely nothing if they aren’t growing your business and, ultimately, growing your revenue.

If you’re in a service-based industry and are looking for ways to do just that — keep reading.

Get really clear on the benefit of what you offer and shout it from the rooftops.

Shocker — we’re talking about messaging again 🤪 Who could’ve seen that one coming?

But if we’re honest — this is absolutely the first step to turning Instagram engagement into revenue because without message clarity — you’re just doing a wholeeeeeee lot of guessing. (And who has time for that?)

Before you even think about converting those likes and comments into revenue — make sure you’re earning those likes and comments for the right reasons and, more importantly, from the right people.

If you haven’t spent time clarifying your ideal client (to an annoying level of detail) and getting serious about the value and benefits of your offer — this is where you need to start.

Here are our best quick tips:

  1. Ask yourself a million questions about who your ideal client is. Don’t just settle for, “Female business owners,” — get oddly specific. What kind of business owners? How old is their business? How old are they? Do they have kids? Are they married? What’s their monthly revenue? What’s their monthly budget for what you offer? What’s their biggest challenge and how can you help them overcome it? What’s their biggest business goal for this year? Next year? The next 5 years? KEEP DIGGING.
  2. Once you have your ideal client nailed down — move onto your value (or Value Proposition). Get super, super clear on how you can BENEFIT them. Focus less on your services and the features of those — and get crystal clear on the benefit and value of what you do. And be 1,000% specific to your ideal client in your response.

Showcase client testimonials to seal the deal.

We don’t know about you — but a recommendation from a friend is worth its weight in gold when it comes to investing in our business (or really, even booking a dinner reservation).

Believe it or not — it’s no different for your business.

One of your business’ biggest secret weapons? What other people are saying about you.

If you don’t have a process in place to start securing client testimonials when your project or partnership is over — stop reading this and get on it.

Create an automated email (or even just a saved one in Gmail!) that thanks your client for working with you, celebrates their success, and requests a client testimonials. Then, set it up to send when the project’s over.

Use your best client testimonials in a branded graphic to share on your Instagram and make it a regular rhythm to share these with your followers.

Offer exclusive deals, discounts, and pricing to your Instagram followers.

For some brands, this may not be possible — but for others, it’s a total win-win. Especially if you’re just starting out.

If you’re seeing consistent engagement from your ideal client, consider offering a freebie, discount, or exclusive offer just to your followers.

Two quick ideas?

  • Offer a free strategy session to the first five people who click a link in your bio and fill out an opt-in form.
  • Offer $100 off (or another amount) your most popular package for a limited time with a code that you’re only sharing on social media (in a post or via your DMs).

Drive your Instagram followers to your email list so you can strategically pop in their inbox.

We’ve said before you absolutely, positively, 1,000% need an email list — so we’re assuming you listened 🤪

When you have an email list — this gives you a place out to drive your Instagram followers, qualify them based on certain interests or behavior, and sell to them through SERVING THEM.

Creating a solid email marketing strategy that revolves around serving your email list and offering them services that will actually benefit them is a streamlined way to turn your Instagram engagement into revenue.

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May 24, 2021

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