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3 Ways to Create Content for Your Audience (Not the Algorithm)

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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT another post about trying to beat the Instagram algorithm. In fact, we’re not really going to talk about the algorithm at all, okay? Instead — we’re shifting our focus to where it needs to be — creating content for your ideal client, not the algorithm.

If you’re sick of algorithm hacks and bait and switch blogs with titles like, “I did THIS one thing and TOTALLY beat the Instagram Algorithm” — we’re here to say, we’re 👏 right 👏there 👏with👏you.

Check out these helpful tips for creating content for PEOPLE — not a mathematical equation.

Know who you’re talking to.

We love us some Simon Sinek  — but we tend to butt up against the “start with why” mindset because when it comes to your brand’s messaging, we’ve seen the wheels fall off when you move forward without an intimate understanding of your who.

This is why the BIGGEST piece of advice we could ever offer is this: Know your ideal client or customer like she’s your best friend. Get in her head. Ask yourself what holds her back? What keeps her up at night? What’s her secret goal? What’s her biggest insecurity? What frustrates her to no end? What fires her up?

When we write content for our Instagram — our goal is simple: We want our ideal client to feel like we read her journal. We want every single piece of content we push out to feel like a love letter written straight to her.

And in order to do that? We need to define her and we need to know her like the back of our hands.

Focus on what works… for you.

Yes. There is something to be said of trends and keeping up with them. But at a certain point, what’s trending becomes what’s expected and what’s expected becomes what’s boring.

If one of our preliminary goals on Instagram is to stop the scroll (and get people to slow down on your post to actually READ your captions) — then every once in a while we need to jar our scrollers out of their trance.

So — yes! Be relevant, show that you’re aware of what’s going on in the social world by participating in and following along with trends — but only if that works for you.

What does it mean for something to “work for you”?

Pop on over to your Insights tab on Instagram and check out your analytics for all of your content.

Ask yourself — “What performed well and why? What resonated with my audience (assuming my audience is made up of my ideal clients) and how can I replicate this for future content?”

Engage with and reward your early adopters.

Here’s the thing: There are people who are following you RIGHT NOW who are your ideal client. She’s been with you from the beginning, she engages with all of your content, and she’s cheering you on from afar.

Maybe she’s booked with you, maybe she hasn’t.

Think about her. Think about her needs. Think about WHY she follows you and what value she finds in your content.

Then? Produce more of that content.

Then? Reward her for being there.

What do we mean by that?

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June 7, 2021

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