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The ONLY Sales Page Hacks You’ll Ever Need

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Ok — we’ve got some knowledge to drop on you about how to sell to your audience. Below are our top four sales page hacks you can use to turn those visits to your sales page into dollar signs. 

Are you ready for it? 

Sales Page Hack #1: Know your people.

Yes. We said it again. This is the most important of all the sales page hacks anyone could ever give you.

We know, We know. It seems so insanely simple but it’s a point that is missed SO OFTEN, by SO MANY people. You don’t need to constantly be searching for gimmicks or click-bait or ways to win over your audience when you really know who they are, what they’re struggling with, and what they need.

It can be so easy to get caught up in talking about what we do or what we are trying to sell — that we lose focus on who we are trying to serve.. 

When you have a firm grasp on who your audience is — you can speak directly to them in a way that resonates with them. This earns their trust and warms them up to make a purchasing decision — AKA to convert from serial scroller to paying client. 

Take the time to make sure you really know who you want to reach. And we mean get really into the nitty gritty here. 

What do they like to watch on tv? 
Where do they get their news?
What gets them up in the morning? 
What keeps them up at night?
Who do they like to follow on Instagram? 
What are their biggest challenges? Goals? Fears? Wins? Regrets?

Dive deep into what makes your ideal client or customer tick. Slow down and take your time as you work through the ins and outs of who they are.

Once you’ve done this — you can start to identify what their pain points are. 

What brought them to your website?
What specific problem can you solve for them with your services?
What are some of the objections they may have to working with you?

One of our favorite ways to find out what our ideal client is looking for is to listen closely to our existing clients. Sometimes this means taking furious notes during discovery calls — and sometimes it looks like conducting surveys, interviews, and requesting in-depth reviews. 

Why? Because who knows our clients better than our clients, right?

Sales Page Hack #2: Sex sells.

Pull site visitors in with provocative headlines — and get a little creative. Articulate irreplaceable value. Instead of making your Sales Page a dog and pony show for you or your brand — start with your ideal client or customer in mind.

Use their language. Communicate their thoughts. Speak directly to their pain points by immediately showing them that you get it — and that you are the solution they’re looking for.

Here’s an example from our website. Indulge us as we toot our own horn, okay?

Are you sick of people reading your website and still not knowing what exactly you’re offering?

Tired of the Instagram DMs that say, “Wait… so what exactly do you do?”

Lucky for you, we write words that land like a one-two punch and help you sell out (without selling out).

Straight away we’re identifying what our target audience is looking for and the pain points they’re facing. As they keep reading we’re paving the way for them to convert from scroller to client.

Sales Page Hack #3: Be yourself.

There may be other businesses out there like yours but there is NO ONE out there who is doing it just like you are.

Lean into this and really write like you — or better yet, your brand.

Is it on brand for you to use a ton of exclamation points? Use them!!!!
Are you a big fan of using multiple letters and breaking rules for emphasis? Yessss.
Use emojis like it’s your job? Us too! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Without a perceivable level of authenticity — you could use all the sales page hacks in the world, but your messaging will fall flat.

Sales Page Hack #4: Craft an irresistible call-to-action.

Your Sales Page is much like any other touchpoint on your website — it’s a place for someone to take a next step. But your Sales Page? It’s a little bit more high stakes because you’re directly asking someone to convert.

A surefire way to position your solution (be it a product or a service) as the answer your ideal client is looking for? Make your calls-to-action irresistible.

Some of our favorite ways to create calls-to-actions that are sure to get clicked are to use these methods:

  • Create urgency — “Claim your spot before it’s too late!”
  • Leverage FOMO — “Yes! I want to see results like your 3,200 course alumni!”
  • Give something away for free — “Sign me up today and send me my free planner!”

When you nail this CTA — don’t just drop it at the bottom of your page and expect it to convert. Pepper that link and that strong language UP AND DOWN YOUR SALES PAGE. Give your site visitor multiple places where they can opt-in and buy — and use in-your-face buttons to make these CTAs visually prominent.

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August 16, 2021

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