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Looking for easy-to-implement tricks for building a brand that speaks directly to your ideal client or customer and writing copy that sells?

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We get it. You’ve poured hours into a blog or content piece for your business. You’ve worked through the writer’s block, the long-winded sentences and now, voilá! It’s ready to post –– so you think. You’ve crafted a beautiful piece that you’re proud of, but what’s it missing? A kickass title to grab your audience’s attention […]


5 Blog Title Formulas that Aren’t Played Out Everywhere

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Let’s just cut to the chase here, okay? YOU NEED A BLOG. Even if you’re thinking, “Blogs are so 2011 — how do you even write blogs people read anymore?” — you need one. Hear us out — we’re heard alllllll the reasons why people think they don’t need a blog: The market is oversaturated!No […]

Copywriting, Website Tips

How to Write Blogs People Read [2021]

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I bet you’ve never thought about how your blog posts rank on Google. But — how many times have you Googled something and clicked the first or second result that pops up — just because it’s at the top of the search results? And comparatively — how many times have you clicked through to the […]

Copywriting, Website Tips

How to Write Blogs that Rank on Google

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