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5 Blog Title Formulas that Aren’t Played Out Everywhere

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We get it. You’ve poured hours into a blog or content piece for your business. You’ve worked through the writer’s block, the long-winded sentences and now, voilà! It’s ready to post –– so you think. You’ve crafted a beautiful piece that you’re proud of, but what’s it missing? A kickass title to grab your audience’s attention perhaps? WE GET IT! We feel your pain and we are here to help, with blog title formulas!

Titles can be a tricky problem to solve. Your goal is to write something not too long, but not too short — yet packed with enough information to grab the reader’s attention but not enough to give away the entire piece. It’s a fine line to walk, but to get the most bang for your blog’s buck,  it’s time you craft a title that’s impactful, intriguing and NOT overused.

So, put on your thinking caps — here are 5 formulas to help you craft dynamic titles. 

Blog Title Formula 1: Your Free Guide to [BLANK]

This is a spin on the classic “how-to” or “tips and tricks” centered title. 


  • Your Free Guide to Gaining Followers
  • Your Free Guide to Boosting Sales
  • Your Free Guide to Writing Kickass Titles (😉)

Blog Title Formula 2: Become an Expert in [BLANK]

This title formula plugs benefit language around your subject of expertise all while empowering your reader to become an expert in that field. 


  • Become an Expert in Social Media Marketing
  • Become an Expert in Live Selling
  • Become an Expert in Dog Walking

Blog Title Formula 3: The Easiest/Quickest Way to [BLANK]

We hear it all the time. “Time is money.” “Work smarter not harder.” People are ALWAYS in search of a way to do something in less time or with less effort. This title is a sure-fire way to entice your audience to keep reading.


  • The Easiest Way to Create Your Email Campaign Sequence
  • The Easiest Way to Hire the Right Team Member
  • The Quickest Way to Make a Reel

Blog Title Formula 4: Why You Should [BLANK]

This formula is simple and direct. And, sometimes with titles, that’s exactly what you need! This title is informing readers you have valuable content they NEED to see. It’s just a click away!


  • Why You Should Break Up with Twitter
  • Why You Should Invest in Your Health
  • Why You Should Take a Chance on TikTok

Blog Title Formula 5:  [BLANK] vs. [BLANK]: Why [BLANK]

Ah, the classic comparison. Posing a hypothetical “fight” between two topics can and will pique a reader’s interest. Be sure to add a brief and enticing “why” to keep your audience wanting more.


  • Instagram vs. TikTok: Why TikTok will ALWAYS be my top choice
  • LinkedIn Ads vs. Facebook Ads: How you should be investing your money
  • Print vs. Digital: Is print REALLY dead? 

A title is your content piece’s first impression on readers. By crafting a strong title, you’re enabling readers to find your post, and more importantly, read it from beginning to end! So, the next time you’re staring at your computer screen, waiting for the title to write itself, refer back to these 5 blog title formulas!

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September 20, 2021

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