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Ah, the homepage of your website. It’s probably the most important page on your site. It’s what draws users in, communicates your core message and, hopefully, what leads users to become clients. There are a ton of articles out there with tips on what and what not to include on your homepage, but the reality […]


How to Write a Homepage That CONVERTS

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Instagram. IG. The gram. It’s the social media platform many have a love-hate relationship with. Not because it isn’t fun to scroll through your feed watching Reels, IG stories, and keeping up with your favorite accounts — but because when it comes time to post your own content, the pressure is on. Instagram captions allow […]

Copywriting, Social Media

3 Ways to Master Your Instagram Captions Without Breaking a Sweat

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Writing your About page is so much more than giving a brief overview of your or your company’s history. In fact, the About page on your website is one of the four most frequently visited pages on websites, making it crucial to fill yours with impactful content — not just a timeline of how your […]

Copywriting, Website Tips

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your About Page

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As your potential clients make their way along the sales journey, they come in contact with your brand through different channels and mediums. The question we want to ask you today is, are you nailing your brand messaging at EVERY touchpoint? If your answer is “Nope” or “How exactly do I do that?” –– keep […]

Branding, Copywriting

How to NAIL Your Brand Messaging at EVERY Touchpoint

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Let me guess, you clicked on this article hoping you’d find a set word count range for your website copy. Most people think that when we’re given a magic number (say, 1,200 words) it will make content creation easier and help us achieve all of our web copy goals. THINK AGAIN!  We’re here to tell you […]

Copywriting, Website Tips

How Long Should Web Copy Be? The Answer May Surprise You

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We get it. You’ve poured hours into a blog or content piece for your business. You’ve worked through the writer’s block, the long-winded sentences and now, voilá! It’s ready to post –– so you think. You’ve crafted a beautiful piece that you’re proud of, but what’s it missing? A kickass title to grab your audience’s attention […]


5 Blog Title Formulas that Aren’t Played Out Everywhere

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So you’ve done all 👏 the 👏 things 👏 the internet’s told you to do when it comes to growing an Instagram account — but now you’re wondering, “How do I show up on Instagram search?” so that people who could benefit from my services can actually find you. Lucky for you — we’re throwing […]

Social Media

3 Ways to Show Up in Instagram Search

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Have you ever heard of the term active listening? My husband and I first learned about it in our pre-marital counseling and it’s served us incredibly well in our marriage. But you know what else? It’s TOTALLY transformed my business too.  I know, I know! This may seem like a weird thing to say but […]


Learning to Write with Your Ears

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Alright, boo. Get ready for an unpopular opinion of sorts, okay? Today we’re talking alllll about your navigation menu and I have a feeling some feathers are about to get a little bit ruffled. Here’s why: You need to stop using cutesy and creative page titles in your navigation menu. If I had a nickel […]

Website Tips

The Case for a Boring Navigation Menu

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Ok — we’ve got some knowledge to drop on you about how to sell to your audience and we’re giving them away for FREE. Below are our top four sales page hacks you can use to turn those visits to your sales page into dollar signs.  We’re about to blow your mind here.  Are you […]

Copywriting, Website Tips

The ONLY Sales Page Hacks You’ll Ever Need

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