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As a startup founder, you know what wearing multiple hats is like. You are your startup’s CEO, COO, CTO, CFO… the list goes on. And while those roles may come a bit easier to you — one challenge we consistently see startup founders face is stepping into the role of CMO – Chief Marketing Officer. […]

Early Stage Startups

Startup Marketing 101: Marketing Resources for Founders


Startup Founders: This one’s for you. Today, we’re diving into the world of outsourcing marketing — a true game-changer for startups aiming to make a big mark in their industry.  You probably already know why outsourcing is crucial, but what about the key metrics and KPIs that should be on every founder’s radar? Keep reading […]

Early Stage Startups

Outsourcing Marketing: A Startup’s Guide to Metrics That Matter


Congratulations! You’re officially a Founder. You’ve worked hard to bring your vision to life — and now? You’re STUCK when it comes to marketing. Marketing can be a tricky aspect of your business to navigate — but it doesn’t have to be the nagging weight on your shoulders you just can’t seem to shake, especially […]

Branding, Early Stage Startups

How to Market Your Startup: A Guide for Early-Stage Founders


Yes, there are countless challenges that can arise across channels when it comes to running a business. But sometimes Occam’s Razor rings true: “The simplest solution is almost always the best.” And by that, we mean messaging. In this blog, we’ll explore the very real complexities surrounding marketing issues, and we’ll take a deep dive […]

Branding, Marketing Strategy

Decoding Marketing Challenges: Tackling Root Causes

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As a founder navigating the rollercoaster of startup life, you understand the pivotal role that an effective startup marketing strategy plays in the success of your business. However, the reality is that not every startup can afford a full-fledged, in-house marketing team. And honestly, depending on where you are in your business — you may […]

Early Stage Startups, Marketing Strategy

Marketing for Startups: How to Bootstrap Your Marketing Strategy


It’s 2023, which means that if you don’t have a digital presence (aka website), then you essentially don’t exist. But guess what? Existing is not nearly enough if you want your website to do what it could be doing, which is acting as the number one selling tool for your brand or business. But to […]

Marketing Strategy, Website Tips

Is Your Website Missing the Mark? Three Strategies for Maximum Impact

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The lack of strategic web copy is more common than you would think, and can be deadly for any startup.

Copywriting, Website Tips

Unlocking the Power of Compelling Web Copy for Startups

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Are you on the brink of launching your startup’s website? Here’s a comprehensive pre-launch plan

Early Stage Startups, Website Tips

Launching Your Startup’s Website: A Comprehensive Pre-Launch Roadmap

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What do you do when you get customer feedback? Do you bask in the compliments and avoid negative comments? Well, remember that Minimum Viable Product (MVP) you proudly launched? It’s time for its glow-up, and customer feedback is the key to its transformation. Overlooking customer feedback is a perilous misstep that can have far-reaching consequences. […]

Marketing Strategy

Prioritizing Customer Feedback

Reading client feedback


Cliche analogy alert! Launching a startup is similar to planting a seed; it requires nurturing, attention, and the right conditions for growth. Your “plant” unfolds through various funding rounds, each marking a distinct stage of development.  And at every stage of development? Strategic marketing matters. Whether you outsource or bring talent in-house, each stage of […]

Growth Stage, Marketing Strategy, Pre-Seed Stage, Seed Stage

Startup Marketing at Each Stage of Your Startup



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