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3 Quick Tips for Repurposing Content

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No matter how much of a content superhero you may feel like you are — everyone is one rough week away from burnout. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer — we’re just trying to prove a point here, k? 🤪

Everyone hits that creative wall when they’ve been creating content for days and days and you feel like you’ve been staring at the same thing with no new inspiration. 

Well — this post is not technically about curing writer’s block — but it is about how you can work smarter not harder when it comes to content creation. (And it’s going to seem so simple you’re not gonna believe it.)

You ready for this? Buckle in and scroll, ladies! 

Repurpose your content. 

We know! It seems so simple but if you’re struggling to create fresh content then repurposing what you already have is the answer you’ve been looking for! Want some ideas on how to do that? 

When repurposing content, turn that blog post into an Instagram Post (or a carousel, or a series of posts, or a reel, or an IGTV or story – see what we’re doing here?).

You put too much time and effort into that blog post for it to live on your website only. It’s just begging to be made into some more usable content! Use that blog post as the theme for your week — that takes SO much pressure of you to create new ideas every day.

Take those golden nuggets out of your post and create a carousel post with them. Turn it into a series on your stories and give yourself easy talking points for when you want to show up AND add value.

When repurposing content, turn that Instagram post that got a tonnnnnn of engagement into a blog post.

If you wrote a fantastic caption that was full of information but you just know you could expand on it — expand on it! 

Look at what posts have done well and see what it was that made it do well. If lots of comments were asking for more, agreeing with you, or asking additional questions, then you have the perfect opportunity to take that and turn it into long-form content — a blog, a YouTube video, a podcast, etc.

When repurposing content, turn that YouTube video into an audio-only podcast episode.

If your content is more audio/visual you can STILL repurpose it. Take that YouTube video and turn the audio into a podcast.


Read the comments and see what people had more questions about and talk about that on your podcast! Your video does not have to end with hitting publish to YouTube.

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June 14, 2021

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