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3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Instagram Captions

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Picture this: you’ve got a beautiful photo to post on Instagram and an exciting story behind it you want to share with your followers. There’s just one thing you need to do –– write the caption!

If you’re like many of our clients, you get caption-shy every now and then. But, while you may feel the pressure, you have to remember that with Instagram, you can’t live by the motto of “a picture says a thousand words.” Instead, Instagram captions allow you to add necessary context to the visual you’re posting and drive home your point. 

Are you ready to take your Instagram captions to the next level? 

Here are 3 simple ways to improve your Instagram captions.

1. Write your Instagram caption to your target audience. 

The story you want to tell or announcement you want to make is most likely targeted at your ideal audience, so make sure you’re writing to them! When you sit down to write your caption, envision you’re having a conversation with a brand persona from your target audience. This will form your caption to be clear, conversational and communicate your intention.

2. Make the most of your caption’s first sentence.

Boring, bland captions will not make readers stop scrolling and read. The fact is that punchy, quippy, sexy content sells. If your first sentence doesn’t scream, “Hey! This is interesting and beneficial content!” then you can assume the post won’t perform as well as you’d hope.

3. Close your Instagram caption with a clear call to action.

It’s safe to say that your goal with social media (and Instagram specifically) is to grow your follower count and move them down the sales funnel. A clear and effective way to do this is through solid calls to action in your captions. This can look like: “Join now!” “Spots are filling fast!” and “Take the leap!” When inviting your audience to act, you want to ensure you’re doing so with exciting and engaging messaging.

Instagram serves as a handy tool if you’re working to increase your website traffic, build your brand awareness and tell the story of your business. But, to reach this success through Instagram, you need to give some thought to both the images you’re posting and the captions that accompany them. 

Captions do a lot of the heavy lifting when using Instagram as a sales and marketing tactic. So to those who’ve been caption-shy in the past –– put on your writer’s hat, take these 3 simple ways to improve your Instagram captions and start writing captions that will stop those scrollers in their tracks!

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November 15, 2021

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