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3 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter for Your Business (No Matter the Size)

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There are so many things that you spend your time doing as a business owner. You’re the accountant, the sales rep, the social media manager, the designer, the administrator, and the coffee-getter. (We could go on and on and on and on……..)

With all of this that you have going on – writing and publishing content can fall to the wayside but it is an absolutely VITAL aspect of your business. A study done by Conductor found that consumers were 131% more likely to purchase from a brand after reading their educational content 🤯🤯🤯

131%! If that doesn’t convince you of the value of hiring a copywriter – we will give you a few more, just in case 😉 

Hire a copywriter because your time is valuable.

Delegating and outsourcing is a GREAT way to get back your business’ most precious commodity – YOUR TIME.

 If copywriting is not your thing and you find yourself spending hours and hours and hours coming up with blog posts, Instagram captions, the About page on your website, or that email newsletter — then more than anything else, hiring a copywriter will give that precious time back to you

There are things that only you can do — and you do those so well 😉 — so focus on those and OUTSOURCE the rest! Hire the right copywriter and free up your day to focus on that work that no one else can do quite like you. 

Hire a copywriter because you may be too close to your brand.

It can feel like you have to be the one to do all the writing because you already know everything about your brand and your industry. And we TOTALLY get that. As small business owners, we know that your brand is YOUR BABY and that whatever you’re doing is your sweet spot — so it makes it super tempting to think that sitting down and putting pen to paper should be easy peasy for you.


Well, have you ever tried to talk about yourself only to turn to your friend or spouse and say, “I don’t really know, do you think I’m [fill in the blank here]?” Or have you ever tried to explain exactly what it is that you do but you’re not even sure you’d be able to articulate it without talking in circles?

A good copywriter will be able to take what you tell them, dig into your specific goals, and write objectively about your business. The benefit of a copywriter is that their “distance” from your business actually allows them to write more clearly about your brand, services, and offerings than you ever could just because of how intimately involved you are with all of it. 

(Have we convinced you yet? Ok, ok, we will give you one more reason 😉)

Hire a copywriter because a good one one can make literally ANYTHING irresistible.

Is your brand or business based on something super complex and confusing that fires you up and you just WISH you could get people to feel the same way?! 

Hire a copywriter.

Or maybe you offer something a little elusive to understand or that people are skeptical of? Maybe you’re a life coach or a holistic wellness consultant and you just can’t quite figure out how to nail your pitch without selling totally woo woo?

Hire a copywriter. 

A GOOD copywriter can make ANYTHING irresistable! A good copywriter? She can sell ice to an eskimo 😉  

The truth is, all businesses have exciting elements – but you may need a good copywriter to do some mining and figure out how to communicate those magnetic pulls effectively.

So did we do it? Did we convince you that there really aren’t any downsides to working with a copywriter? Small businesses, big businesses and everyone in between can benefit from one!

Why? Because when your words sell, they’re worth investing into.

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May 10, 2021

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