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3 Tips to Writing Conversational Copy (that SELLS)

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So you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, you see a cute photo or graphic and you expand the description to read the full caption. 

Which of these captions would make you think, “Oh yeah! I’ve GOT to work with these people,”?

OPTION 1: I was able to increase my engagement rate by using this method. 


OPTION 2: GUYS! 👏🏼 I finally figured out the best way to get my views up on my Reels and I have been DYING to share this secret weapon with you! 

I mean — the answer (to me) is pretty simple. Option 2 all the way, right?

Here’s why: There’s a difference between writing copy, and writing copy that SELLS. 

Copy that sells WORKS FOR YOU.

So — how can you write copy that sells?

We’ve got 3 tips that will help take your copy from bland to SPICY — and convert those serial scrollers to signed clients.

Talk directly to your ideal client. 

You’ve heard us say, if you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one. And when we say this, we’re really BEGGING you to hone in on your ideal client and talk TO them. 


Because the reality is this: The way you talk to a 25-year old woman is going to be very different from how you’d talk to a 50-year old woman, right? And the way you appeal to their emotions to entice them to buy — that’ll be different too, right?

Spoiler Alert: The answers are yes and yes!

When you figure out who your ideal client is, you can tailor your copy to use words, references, and emotional triggers that relate to right where they are. When you know your ideal client or customer (like really, really, really know them) — you can specifically target their pain points, challenges, and goals — making every piece of content you write read like a love letter written just for them.

Simple is Better

You know what it’s like to read over a contract or a user manual and feel so lost and confused? Yeah, no one wants to feel that way when they’re reading your Instagram caption or email. Even though it may be second nature for you to say KPI or ROI, your readers may have zero idea what you’re talking about! 

Bring it all back to basics. 

Studies have shown that brands should be writing on a sixth or seventh grade reading level in order to achieve the highest impact with their customers — and honestly, I would recommend going even lower. (We try to write all of Carter House Copy’s content at a 3rd or 4th grade reading level!)

Writing simply by avoiding industry jargon or large words allows your message to be received and digested quickly. Because we know that 80% of content is being skimmed (as opposed to being read word for word) — it’s important that the content is filled with easy-to-digest nuggets of information written specifically with your ideal client or customer in mind.

Break the Rules!

The days of following strict grammar rules are OVER!  

Writing like you speak and infusing your words with your brand personality is a great way to connect with your ideal client or customer in your copy! You know the accounts you love to follow because you feel like you’re talking to your funniest friend, college roomie or your mom? That’s the way you should be writing! 

Yes — it’s important to make sure your writing is legible, grammatically sound and easy to read — but it doesn’t need to read like your college thesis, okay?

Don’t stress trying to make everything formal and sterile. 
Don’t stress over using complete sentences.
Don’t stress over using an em dash instead of a comma. (Our favorite! 🙋🏼‍♀️) 

Thanks to the ways we digest content these days (e.g., social media, blogs, etc.) we’ve got this tacit permission to break whatever rules we want!

Add those extra letters for emphasisssss. 
Throw in that emoji 👏🏼  
Write like you speak and people will listen! 

When you’re writing for your brand — It’s all about making your copy work for YOU! When you infuse all of these tips with a clear understanding of your brand personality, your copy will be more than words on a screen — they’ll be words that rake in the bucks, too!

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May 3, 2021

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