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Why I Switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk

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When I started Diana P. Carter Co. in July 2008 — I knew two things: I needed to start an email list ASAP and I wasn’t going to be using Mailchimp.

In all my experience as a marketer — I’d used several different email marketing services: Mailchimp, Flodesk, Bombbomb, Silverpop (now Acoustic), etc. They all essentially do the same things — but, of course, they’re all nuanced to appeal to different needs (e.g., prioritizing video, sinking with certain CRMs, etc.).

And while I’m not going to sit here and compare and contrast (or trash) different platforms — I will say this: Most people default to Mailchimp. And I just couldn’t be one of them.

Here’s the thing about Mailchimp: It gets the job done. And honestly, it gets the job done well. In many ways Mailchimp is the industry standard when it comes to email marketing.

But for this girl? There were too many bells and too many whistles.

I needed intuitive, quick, and customizable. And I needed it for a price that wouldn’t change when my email list grew.

So — I switched to Flodesk. And here’s why.

My biggest qualm(s) with Mailchimp were:

  • You need to know some level of CSS / code to customize your emails beyond much more than changing fonts and colors.
  • Their embed forms are clunky to build and not all that great to look at (unless you know advanced CSS).
  • Unless you’re an email marketing pro — the backend (e.g., lists, tags, segments, etc.) aren’t super intuitive.
  • Their pricing structure is tricky. The more subscribers you have and the more emails you send — the more you pay. It’s a literal sliding scale. 

And here’s what I LOVE about Flodesk:

  • Their email templates are stunning, easily customizable, and operate on a “drag and drop” platform.
  • Their embed forms are equally as simple to build, customize, and use.
  • Their backend is simple — unlimited lists and unlimited segments.
  • Their pricing structure is STRAIGHT FORWARD and permanent. You pay one fee ($38/month) for the lifetime of your membership — no matter how large your list gets or how many emails you send.

Like anything — this isn’t a one-size-fits-all recommendation — and the features you value may be completely different than the features I value.

But — if you’re looking for easy to use, effective and scalable — Flodesk is your best bet.

Want Flodesk for an even BETTER price for life? 

Click HERE to get Flodesk for $19/month for life — no matter how big your list gets or how may emails you send.

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March 15, 2021

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