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Want to knock your homepage out of the park?

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In my head, peoples’ first visit to your website (or click around your homepage) is like night one of The Bachelor — but on some serious steroids. 

Site visitors take .05 seconds to decide if your website is worth their time or not… AKA the equivalent of someone getting the coveted first impression rose the second their footsteps out of the limo. Can you imagine the drama?

All of this makes your website’s homepage that much more important. From design to layout, copy to graphics, opt-ins to calls-to-action… your homepage matters so much more than you think it does. So, why not make sure it’s a total knockout?

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  • A 20-point checklist to audit your homepage in less than 15-minutes
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  • Sample fill-in-the-blank copy formulas for things like your Value Proposition, calls-to-action, etc.
  • Examples of website layouts optimized for conversion
  • A detailed list of must have elements to include on your homepage to keep visitor’s attention and turn them into paying clients
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January 25, 2021

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